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EOL©, eCRF 100% Internet

MEDSHARING designed EOL© to meet the eCRF projects in the simplest, the toughest and most economical way.

EOL© is built on a 100% Internet model. All modules are accessible via the Internet, from the design phase to the delivery, by passing through randomisation, monitoring, Data-Management and administration.

Our solution is centralised, and each new study is stored independently and securely on our shared platform that hosts clinical studies.

Our application is 100% compatible with all browsers on the market (IE 6+, FireFox 2+, Chrome, Opera 9+, Safari 3+) regardless of the kind of customer's workstation. (Mac, PC, Windows, Linux, Netbook, IPAD, IPHONE).

This model allows us to offer access to eCRF, via a simple Internet connection with an optimal level of availability and security.

The benefits to your studies are:

  • The sharing of maintenance and hosting costs;
  • Ensuring 24/24 and 7 out of 7 days availability of your data;
  • Privacy and security of your data adapted to the healthcare requirements;
  • Simplicity and fast implementation;
  • Agility during the study to create and manage the centres and investigators;
  • Reactivity in adapting your eCRF to the requirements of your studies;
  • Total autonomy of your team for the duration of the study.

MEDSHARING chose this model for its perfect aptness to deal with new information technologies, emerging issues and problems in current clinical research.

To learn more about the features of our solution:

To download Medsharing's brochure in English, click here.

IWRS Randomization on the web

EOL Random© is an EOL© module that can be used independently of eCRF or associated with it.

EOL Random© supports all randomisation scheme through an original algorithm which dynamically adapts to the characteristics of your study.

EOL Random© uses the administration module of EOL© to manage user accounts, to add new centres, etc and allows you to stay 100% independent in managing your centres.

EOL Random© includes the following features:

  • Blind or open labeled randomisation;
  • Consideration of stratifications;
  • List or algorithm of randomization;
  • Allocation and management of processing units;
  • Verification of inclusion criteria;
  • Setting mandatory fields with date control;
  • Audit before validation by the Investigator;
  • Electronic signature to endorse the randomization;
  • Randomisation notification by email sent to the Investigator and the coordination team;
  • Monitoring table with list of patients included, branches, layers ...;
  • Exporting randomization data.


Eol RandoTel© meets the special cases of randomisation without Internet access or, in case of emergency from the operating block for example.
Eol RandoTel© relies on EOL Random© and can be used as a backup solution for the randomisation by internet.

Eol RandoTel© profits from all Eol Random© functions and can send notifications by email or fax, randomizations follow up, manage products etc.

Informations requested at a randomisation by phone are variables following the studies and are the same as for the randomisation by internet except for the listing of inclusion criteria which can be tedious over the phone.

Eol RandoTel© can be adapted to specific needs.

EOL Random© supports the following functions:

  • Identification by study code, no. of centres and electronic signature;
  • Inclusion criteria control;
  • Patient identification;
  • Checking date of birth and the patient's sex;
  • Check for duplicates;
  • Validation for the confirmation of data entered;
  • Notices on treatment arm and product code;
  • Notification mail;
  • Administration console;
  • Monitoring, reporting and export table of the randomization.

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Our news

EOL New brochure available!
March 2016 : EOL the new brochure is available!

Medsharing in figures
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78,000 patients since 2003 for over 130 studies.
26 Registries / Observatories.
49 Studies.
61 Clinical Trials
31 Randomizations (without eCRF)

47 Drug Studies
28 DM Studies

66 Ongoing studies.

Figures 2015

New version of the application of randomization
Check out the new unlimited version of our Randomization for clinical trial application IPHONE / IPAD.

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